Advanced Mobility Services

Electric Mobility training.

In-depth EV technology skills to the participants from architecture, safety procedures, charging infrastructure,
maintenance & diagnosis of electric vehicles. Vehicle maintenance as a profession is
moving from a mechanical skill to an electrical skill-based career.

Leasing Management Support

Assist fleet operators and managers to select the best vehicle acquisition model based on their capital availability, operational model & commercial requirements.

Fleet Management Support

Assist fleet operators and managers with solutions to common and unique challenges in their logistical operations. Manage risk and reduce your cost per km, increase your fleet availability & efficiency.

Driver Assessment

Gauge a driver’s ability to control the vehicle, carry out common manoeuvres properly, knowledge of the highway code & understand their decision-making process

4x4 Driving Course

Teaches road users the handling characteristics and general performance of 4WD vehicles in both on-road and off-road setups.

Eco Driving Course

Teaches road users safety techniques and how to drive the vehicle in the most economical way to save fuel, the single biggest operational cost.

Defensive Driving Course

Teaches all road users how to evaluate road conditions, anticipate other people’s actions, avoid accidents and monitor their own performance.



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