Road Safety 

Poor road safety skills are main cause of accidents leading to injury, death & huge economic losses in Africa. The annual loss from road traffic crashes is about 3% of global GDP, larger than the national budgets of most African countries. On the continent more lives are lost through road fatalities than through to terrorism, corona virus or crime. The risk assessment and skill levels of most road users are the main cause of this grave situation.

Given the existing poor road safety record, high death rates, expanding motorization, and growing population, we all have to work together to lessen the impact of this terrible road carnage trend on families, communities and the economy. .

The Numbers

Road Safety 

The Headache

Many organizations are struggling with high operational costs, high accident rates, low fleet availability, bad maintenance practices, poor record keeping and poor people management. From corporate & humanitarian organizations, to SMEs, truck operators & taxi operators. Many have shut down and caused the loss of fortunes, livelihoods and lives. Many people in logistics, transport & fleet management roles are stressed out because they never get a break from this demanding work.

The role of a Fleet Manager is to efficiently manage vehicles, drivers & other assets for safe and productive operations. Driver management is a complex and unending process of communicating expectations, tracking performance & taking corrective action. Vehicle fleet management is a strategic function that delivers a competitive advantage when executed correctly.

About Us

The Advanced Mobility Centre is changing the fleet management & road safety challenges in Kenya into a success story. Our centre delivers high-impact transformation for fleet operators, drivers & all road users. Our clients gain high skill levels in fleet management & advanced driving. Our big hairy audacious goal is to train 25,000 fleet operators and road users in the next 5 years. For both groups, we reduce their costs per kilometre, reduce their accident rates, increase productivity and profitability. We also promote the adoption of new mobility solutions such as connected, autonomous, shared & electric vehicle technology.


Our Training Approach

1) E-Learning modules – enables learning at learner’s pace and convenience, is accessible from anywhere. It has engaging & interactive content through slides, pictures, videos, timed assessments & evaluation scores.

2) In-person training – classroom theory & field practical training with our experts who have trained many groups of drivers both locally and internationally. Fleet management and advanced driving on another level.

3) Simulator training – a real driving cockpit fully equipped with vehicle components such as seat with seatbelt; active clutch, brake & accelerator controls, real traffic & engine noise, and various weather & light conditions.

4) Advanced practicals – the vehicle practical depends on the specific course like eco-driving, defensive driving, off-road driving & highway driving. A fitness & simple medical check is done before actual vehicle driving can begin.

Our Services

Defensive Driving Course

Teaches all road users how to evaluate road conditions, anticipate other people’s actions, avoid accidents and monitor their own performance.

Eco Driving Course

Teaches road users safety techniques and how to drive the vehicle in the most economical way to save fuel, the single biggest operational cost.

4x4 Driving Course

Teaches road users the handling characteristics and general performance of 4WD vehicles in both on-road and off-road setups.

Driver Assessment

Gauge a driver’s ability to control the vehicle, carry out common manoeuvres properly, knowledge of the highway code & understand their decision-making process

Fleet Management Support

Assist fleet operators and managers with solutions to common and unique challenges in their logistical operations. Manage risk and reduce your cost per km, increase your fleet availability & efficiency.

Leasing Management Support

Assist fleet operators and managers to select the best vehicle acquisition model based on their capital availability, operational model & commercial requirements.

Case Mobility training

Train road users and fleet managers on the adoption of connected, autonomous, shared & electric vehicle technology.

Our Target Groups

1) Fleet operators & personnel – business owners, corporate & humanitarian organizations, SMEs, truck operators, taxi operators, and people in logistics, transport & fleet management.

2) Road users – self-drive employees, company drivers, institution drivers, truck drivers, PSV drivers, taxi drivers, personal chauffeurs, individual motorists, motorcycle riders, cyclists, passengers & pedestrians.

3) Safety personnel – fire-fighting team, fire marshals, first aid attendants, health and safety committee members, maintenance workers, security guards & facility management personnel.                  

Intro Video

Our Vision

Safe and productive mobility for fleet operators & road users in Kenya.

Our Mission

Delivering high-impact transformation for fleet operators, drivers & all road users.



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